Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I count my blessings every day as I look at the view from our lounge window. It's a wonderful panorama that stretches from the Conwy Valley and the river above and below Conwy bridge, past Conwy Castle and the little walled town of Conwy. The tide in the estuary ebbs and flows encouraging flocks of birds to visit regularly.

We see Anglsey and a glimpse of Puffin island.

A short time ago we also had an uninterupted view of the sea and the horizon with the most fantastic sunsets during the Summer. Now they have built a second marina with a massive hotel which hides most of the horizon. Luckily we still have a wondeful panorama in spite of the two marinas.

Many houses that used to have almost the same view have lost it all. The local council ignored all pleas not to build and we all thought they were not allowed to build any higher than two stories, but most of the buildings are at least three storeys high.

Morning sun.

Some call the hill that slopes towards the sea 'The Sleeping Lady'. If you study the photo, her feet are towards the sea and her bust can be seen clearly! Others think it's a likeness of Lloyd George the Welshman who became Prime Minister. It took me a while to find these likenesses, but now I can see them clearly.

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