Saturday, December 31, 2005

Textile Art

It will soon be 2006 and I have been thinking about my achievements during the year. For the first 9 or 10 months I was very unproductive, but the last 2 months have been better. I have articles that I promised more than 18 months ago still not written, two unfinished projects for my textile group and many other UFO's.

One achievement I am particularly proud of is being brave enough to start this blog which I intend to write in as often as possible during 2006. Sharing my successes and failures.

I belong to an Australian List called Designbytes, the owner of this list is a friend of mine called Toni Valentine and if it had not been for a Round Robin I have been involved in with this group I would have nothing worth showing textile wise this year. We design and stitch a page in each other's textile book once a month and the topic I chose for mine was Fragile Fragments. When the book comes back home it will have 16 wonderful pages by Australian Textile Artists and it is very exciting to receive a book of textiles to look at once a month.

The Embroiderer's Guild exhibition was an incentive to finish some projects and I will put some photos up during the next few days.

Here are 2 textile vessels that I designed on the computer and stitched with Free Machine Embroidery.

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Gill said...

Margaret, these vessels are really terrific!