Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another dyeing day

Another afternoon spent dyeing. The colours look very similar to yesterday's, but they were supposed to be different! Now what have I learned from this session? I have learnt that scarlet and ultramarine do not make purple and red with a bit of yellow will not give me orange, especially if I do not make the dyes strong enough anyway. The results are quite 'pretty', if a little pale.

Tomorrow I will have yet another go. I will make the dyes stronger this time, squeeze the wet fabric more and leave the dye to penetrate longer.

Yesterday I soaked the fabric in the soda before applying the dye, today I poured the soda over the dyed fabric. Did this make a difference I wonder?

I now know after reading it up, I should have used cerise with turquoise to create my purple. I was on the right track with my orange, but I should have had a lot more yellow in the mix.

I think I know how I will use some of this coloured fabric. Watch this space!

I couldn't resist taking another photo of this magical sunset over the Conwy estuary this evening.


wendy said...

Hi what dyes do you use- I`v used kemtex procion magenta (pinky red) and navy with nice results the magenta with yellow has given me good colours also. Hmmm - can you tell i like magenta...hehe

MargaretR said...

Yes I can see you like Magenta Wendy, I will have to stock up on some dyes. I bought mine from Art Van Go at an exhibition. I have scarlet and turquoise, but no Magenta or navy.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to get some!

Sue Sanderson said...

Margaaret you might want to try turquoise and fuschia or magenta for purple. Scarlet is a warm red - so you would not get clear crisp purples.

re your orange - try it the other way - because red is very strong - try yellow with some red.

I have chopped up fabric inot 12" squares and then tried different combinations of colours in different qualtities. ie 50/50 or 25/75 etc etc...

MargaretR said...

Thanks Sue. I just bought a packet of 6 dyes at the K&S show from Art Van Go, so I don't have the choice of my own colours yet. I will have to order some fuschia or magenta. Yes I know I started the orange with the wrong colour(g)

Good idea cutting the 12" squares. I want everything to happen fast though!