Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another heart

I am keeping my promise to myself and rushed another heart through! I have had a visitor all day, but tonight I went to my workroom and 'sketched' with the sewing machine. I didn't 'draw', I definitely didn't 'paint' but it was fun. I used the mauve and pink material I dyed and used just one colour of thread. I am going to use a mauvy grey thread to do some touching up tomorrow.

This was a photo of the sunset tonight and as I was looking at both photos together I realised I often use these colours in my work. I wondered if this could be the reason for using them as this is a very regular occurance. Do I use these colours subconciously?


judypatooote said...

Both are beautiful.....did you do the heart on your machine....all that little stitching? Wow

MargaretR said...

Yes it is machine stitched Judy. Looks better in the photo than it actually is. The stitiching is far from perfect!

Zaz said...

wow! what a view - and as you say fantastic colouring. Of course, you must be inspired and affected by your surroundings especially when as lovely as this !


Liz said...

Great patterns! You look as though you were having fun.

Interesting what you say about the colours - I had a friend to stay at the weekend who hadn't seen my work and she pointed out a couple of colours that I seem to use a lot of, unconsciously.

Neefer said...

Testing out your comments. See if you can send me an e-mail.