Saturday, January 14, 2006

Broken Promise

I bow my head in shame. Yesterday I made a promise to create some kind of work, unfortunately I haven't done any.

It was such a lovely day we went to Llandudno, our nearest town that is given the grand title - The Queen of the Welsh Resorts. It is a lovely seaside town deserving it's grand description.
But I digress. Visiting the town almost every morning has become a habit since my husband's retirement, usually after a coffee and some shopping we go home. Today my husband suggested a run in the car and some lunch at Betws y Coed. This is a very popular village nestling among the mountains of the Conwy Valley.
Translated it means the church among the trees.

Another time I will show you some more photos of this village.

When we arrived home and just as I was going to do my creating, the phone rang. My grandsons and their parents telling us to put the kettle on, which I hurriedly did, always pleased to see them. Therefore another unproductive day.

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