Friday, January 20, 2006

Creating again

(click for a larger view)

Here is a batch of my dyed fabrics and I am over the moon with the results. Years ago I bought a small piece of fabric dyed in just these colours and it has been so precious I have only used little pieces of it in various projects. Now all of a sudden I have plenty and not only that, I know which dyes to use to make some more when this is finished. Ironing it all out was so exciting and made a lot of difference to the way it looks.

In between the different processes I got out some synthetic material and used Transfer Dyes. I love working with man-made materials. I know it's not really the done thing and that many people prefer natural fibres, but I find them easy to work with it. They take transfer dyes easily, the colours can be garish and my first attempts a few years ago were horrendous, but it is possible to blend some beautiful colours. Stunning effects can be created with a soldering iron. I hope to do a lot of this type of work soon using Margaret Beal's book.

These samples had a layer of black ironed on top of the first layer to tone them down. I think I will be able to use both these samples.


Leanne Hurren said...


Can you tell me what colours you used for this as I dyed some stuff very similar and can;t remember what I used. Like you, I love this combination and have run out of the fabric!

MargaretR said...

Hi Leanne, just went to check now. I used scarlet, lemon and wine red(fairly weak)

kimmyk said...

Very cool !

My daughter and I just dyed some things using tea. We used red zinger tea and cinnamon tea. Not mention it looks great, but it also smells wonderful ! HA!

I also wanted to tell you I am soo jealous of the photo you have below-the one where you go for inspiration. A castle. I can't even imagine. I seriously need to get out of Ohio I'm tellin ya!

MargaretR said...

I would like to try the teabag dyeing. Thanks.

Liz said...

I love these colours! You have been busy. I like transfer paints too. Especially as you can use them on that really sheer polyester fabric. I love your view - envy, envy! Beats the Civic Centre view that I have got!

MargaretR said...

Hi Liz, I was pleased with those colours too.
I envy you too, having all those lovely facilities to take advantage of. I do miss visits to Cardiff now and then you know!

Mamarox said...

This is one of my new favorite color combinations. Can't wait to what you do with it. Cheers!