Sunday, January 01, 2006

Finding things out

I wanted to know what 'Blog This' was at the top of the page, so I went to a friend's Blog and clicked on it. I think I know what it's for now and I hope it will prove very useful. I hope you don't mid Sally? I know you will enjoy this blog for it's sense of humour and contents, especially if you are creatively minded.
Visit now! grumpy shopkeeper

What I would like to do is put all my favourite blogs in the links part of the blog, but haven't yet worked out how to do this. I does take a bit of courage to jump into the unknown!

I haven't really made many specific New Year Resolutions this year but here they are.

1. Spend just a little less time creating Designs and get on with using them creatively. I hope that makes sense to someone out there? I spend ages 'playing' with my graphic programs and I have so many images that could be turned into textile works of art, but I just carry on playing creating more images.

2. I would like my own website, but I want to do all the work on it myself, just so I can understand how it works.

3. I would like to write a book, it doesn't even have to be a book, a leaflet would suffice. I would just like to share the fun I have with my graphics programs with like minded people. This was on my list last year but I never did get around to doing it.

I think this is enough to be getting on with.

This is a bag I made for the EG Exhibition


Helen Suzanne said...

Hiya just found your blog :)) I started one for the same reasons and have found a whole world of lovely creative people out there.

I found the easiest way to add blog links to the side of the page is to use "Blogroll" with the added bonus it lets you set it to see when a blog has been updated... the link is at the bottom of my list. ( I just got tired of continually editing the html of the blog page to add a link too ;))

oh and I subscribe to for my web page space it's very reasonable and easy to use. I also use Dreamweaver to build my pages - great to use as you lay out visually and the programme produces the html code. Just email me if you want a hand and I'll see if I can help.

Happy new year btw :)

Zaz said...


it is so sweet that you visit my blog and leave comments I thought I would reciprocate .

You've done a great job with the blog! and I love your views - breathtaking!

fabulous textile vessels - have I missed those on TE?

great job - have a great new year!


Grumpy said...

Hi Margaret

Great blog! Thanks for the plug and your comments on mine. Keep on blogging!

Robin Green Eye said...

This bag is stunning, I really MUST learn to use my sewing machine better, that zigzag stitch looks amazing.