Sunday, January 15, 2006

A lace purse

This blog was created to encourage me to do more stitching, but at the moment it's having the opposite effect. Here is a small purse I made for a course I am taking with Maggie Grey. Chez Grey Home Page

This is a photo I took this morning of the tiny church on the beach at Rhos on Sea, a small seaside village in North Wales. I understand this site goes back to 600AD and shelters a holy well. More information and delightful photos of the interior of this church can be found here.
Saint Trillo's Chapel, Rhos-on-Sea, North Wales UK
You will also find information and photos of Llandudno, the Queen of the Welsh Resorts that I mentioned yesterday.

I often walk here on a Sunday morning carrying my digital Camera.

This is the scene from our lounge window in the early morning sun.
It's not a very good photo, I'm afraid something happened to it as I was re-sizing. It will be replaced at a later date.


Grumpy said...

Tell me that you didn't mean it when you said all these lovely things never see the light of day Margaret? You got to have a one woman show.

MargaretR said...

It's true Sally, they all go in a box under my worktop(smile) Anyway I need to create more for a one man show and here I am blogging instead.

Zaz said...

wow! I love your views ....and that church - fantastic! and that purse , Margaret is absolutely wonderful!

Are you hiding your light ???

I think so!


helen suzanne said...

Again Margaret just breath taking "must have" work on that bag. I just keep checking every day for more wonderful inspiration. Thank you for showing us

MargaretR said...

Thanks for your kind comments Zaz and Helen.

Robin Green Eye said...

England is so beautiful. In my area of the States there is nothing to see, I envy you.