Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Loopy Lace

My Loopy Lace page is finished at last, but I'm not all that pleased with it.
I'm not really a lacey person but even though everything went wrong I still enjoyed creating it.

I'm glad that this Round Robin book made me do it. The topic was Loopy Lace, loopy as in crazy, so I had an excuse when things started to go wrong to change my style completely. I made this into a really wild one with threads all over the place and when I showed the book to my textile group this afternoon they were trying to guess which mine was. It was so different to anything I'd made before they couldn't find it! That pleased me as I'm trying to loosen up my work

I don't use the embroidery module all that often, but when I do, I try to use it as freely as I can as I don't like my work to look stiff. The reason I'm using it more at the moment is because this is a list to encourage the use of the computer and embroidery module.


Grumpy said...

Well done making unrecognisable work Margaret. That's not easy. I think you're loopy lace is lovely.

Robin Green Eye said...

Very pretty, definitely a "happy accident".

MargaretR said...

Thanks to you both.
It really is Loopy and nearly ended up in the bin. I find the colours quite pleasing and I'm glad someone likes it.

Maureen said...

..and have you been to visit AnnieW's CrazyWorld/loopy lace?
When I read your heading I immediately thought of our Annie!

BTW I loved your loopy lace !