Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My little hearts

One more day until St Dwynwen's day and I have finished one piece of work. It took two days to make this one and my arms are aching after all the free machining. I show a small detail, the actual work is about 12" square. I don't know what I will use it for yet.
I might go back to it later to blend in some of the colours a bit. I used some of the cotton I dyed earlier in the week and chose three coloured threads that I thought blended with the cotton.

I also overdyed some of the fabric using Dylon dye. I don't suppose this was the correct thing to do, but they did turn out satisafactorily. I wanted some mauve and pink blends. I think the reason my cotton did not dye a strong colour was because it must have some polyester in it. I dyed some antique lace and cotton at the same time and these took the dye really well.

I will use some of the mauve to make my next heart.
Here is a photo as proof that I have already started it!
I am using the intructions that I found on one of the blogs on our Web Ring.
CQ Crazy: Heart templates


Micki said...

love the color of this little piece. I need to do more free-stitching. I really like your little bag in the other post too.

MargaretR said...

Thanks Micki, I'm enjoying this style of work too, so maybe I should do a bit of of it.

jenclair said...

Love it! Like Micki, I love the colors, and the little hearts are so charming.

Zaz said...

again - so wonderful - you really are very very good at this style of work!

just lovely!


Jo in NZ said...

Magaret, have you joined the Chains of Hearts group??
If not, why not? and if so, you could use some of your recent creations as a base for a heart. You could embellish a little, but I would be happy to get one as is...but thats just me.
Just a wee comment, it may be the piccie, but your template looks LONG. The width is ok, but maybe bring the point up at the bottom a bit to make it fatter

Jo in NZ said...

of course you only need to change your template if you HAVE joined the Chains of Hearts group. If you havn't, then you can do your template any way you choose.
I would not be so pretentious as to tell you how to shape your own (h)art.
Am I making sense... I think not. Good night.

MargaretR said...

You are making sense Jo! Yes I did think of joining that group.
I'm already in some exchanges and I also belong to a Textile Group called Serendipity.
I should have made an A3 sized piece of art using architecture as the inspiration which I haven't started stitching and now we are supposed to make 10"x10" work using black and white and one colour, using memories as inspiration.

What I'm doing now with my blog and hearts project is putting off what I should be doing! What do you think? (smile) I would love to join in another time and will be watching you all with interest. thanks for thinking of me.

I hope you will see this reply. Don't have access to your email address.

Jo in NZ said...

I have seen your comment. I thought my email came upon my comments when they are delivered to your email as comment notification ( if you have that setting turned on). Some people don't make their email accesible, but I'm not fussed. When you get the comment just check if it shows a return email, or if it say blogger-comments (or similar). If there is a proper email, you should just be able to reply and send.

MargaretR said...

Thanks for your email Jo.
When I click on your email in Outlook Express I get
[noreply-comment@blogspot.com ]
When I look in your blog profile I can't see an email address anywhere.Sorry, I'm new to this so I may be doing domething wrong.