Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quilted heart and flowers

I thought I'd let you see how my latest project was coming on.
Today I found the free machining much smoother. Practice makes perfect, well, perhaps not quite, but I did find it easier today and I was not getting as tired. I tried stitching with the mauvy grey that I thought would work, but it just made the piece look so drab. Then I put a few other colours next to it and to my surprise found that a light turquoise gave it a bit of life. I'm not too sure if I have finished it yet. I'm wondering if it needs a touch of a slightly darker colour or if I should stay with the same tones.

Tomorrow I think I will bring out my Encaustic Art materials and if I can paint a pleasing piece of heart art. I might make one to iron onto fabric.

Tonight I think I will sketch some hearts in my sketchbook.


Gill said...

Interesting to read your descriptions of the colours, AMrgaret...I'm seeing green and pink (my favourite combination, incidentally). Would love to know more about encaustic onto please tell us about it tomorrow.

Gill said...

Sorry, Margaret...typed your name too fast just now!

Robin Green Eye said...

Thats GORGEOUS, not too bright, I love it, but I love everything you make.

MargaretR said...

I will have a go at the Encaustic later on Gill.
Thanks Goddess it's very kind of you!
I didn't expect the turquoise to go so well with the pink and oh, so pale mauve. But it does.

rupr said...

I like to see your progres on this peace.

MargaretR said...

Thank you Ivana. I hope you can see this. If you want a personal reply can you put your email address in your profile?

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Margaret... love all the new pieces. Funnily enough I never choose those colurs but love them when you use them.

Zaz said...

lovely ........again Margaret! super colours - I think they work really well