Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I thought someone might like to see this little bit of play in PSP9.
I didn't do any textile work today, but I don't want to lose the momentum. Maybe this design could become a 3D piece of work? A card perhaps?

Today was my textile group, Serendidity's annual lunch. We prefer to have it in January when things are quieter. Christmas is such a busy time for us all. The food was really exceptional and the service could not be faulted at the Queen's Head a local pub. Everyone was in a joyful mood and as usual we had fun together.

A few of us discussed the possibility of setting up a group blog where we could all contribute, discuss and show our work.
Big decisions!

Ready to go home.


Jo in NZ said...

I would definately recommend a group blog. I always get frustrated when I can't get into a yahoo group, and all I wanna do is look at the photos and admire their work! So, group blog, you can share with the world.

Helen Cowans said...

Margaret, I love the colours in the PSP9 picture. Hand dyed fabrics, the diamonds maybe cut back to reveal fabrics underneath, applique on top maybe. Gorgeous. Helen

Liz said...

I like the PSP picture. Very architectural, and lots of depth to it. What picture did you start with, or did you just start from scratch?

Zaz said...

I like the psp picture - fascinating ..........looks really 3d as you say!

I am a rust person tho and really covet your rust pictures!