Thursday, January 05, 2006

Simple Purse Instructions

I was pleased so many of you liked my purses. This is how I made the last one.

  • Prepare a thin layer of wadding approximately 12" square with any light textile top and bottom. This particular one had a layer of plastiky tissue called Tissue Shimmer by Deva of Chester on the top, but any fine material will work.
  • Free machine with any type of stitch, I used a zig-zag stitch with the machine foot down, but leaving spaces here and there for some of the material to show through.
  • Next cut it into a circle 12" in diameter. Zig-zag around the edges. Decorate any way you like, adding beads etc.
  • Next fold in half and tuck in the outside edges as shown and stitch about 1" each side to join. Make a cord and add a button and it's finished.

    There are so many ways the circle can be stitched before joining.

1 comment:

Robin Green Eye said...

Hey thanks, I am a purse fiend so I may try this!