Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A sketchbook

It was a beautiful day today and we went to Chester. Chester is a lovely walled city that I visit whenever I can, for the atmosphere and the shopping.

This evening I went to see my neighbour whose husband passed away on Sunday to find she is still finding it difficult to realize he is no longer there, but being very brave about it.

A couple of months ago I created my first book on a course with a fantastic tutor called Alison Mercer. Unfortunately I can't find her work on the web at all. Then I made a second book using A4 computer paper scrunched up, sponged with teabags and ironed when dry. They look really old! I will use this one to stick in pages from a variety of old sketchbooks that I have used.

These were sketched in Cyprus.

I found this image on the internet but don't know whose it is. It reminded me of some walls I saw in Cyprus. I hope that person will forgive me for using it for comparison. It was not taken in Cyprus at all, but in Australia.


Christina said...

Chester in England or Whales. I visited a town near Liverpool, across from Whales - a wonderful Gardern. I went to a Willow Conference at the Garden. International in scope. It was 1991.


MargaretR said...

Yes, I think this must be the Chester you are thinking about, it's in England and it's on the border to Wales. If you Google Chester they have many websites. It was an old Roman Fort and is visited as a Heritage site by thousands of visitors each year.
Thanks for looking at my new blog.