Friday, January 27, 2006


I was supposed to be doing some Encaustic Art today, but it was very cold in my workroom. There is heating there, but as it's in the loft it does get very cold sometimes. Maybe I can do some tomorrow instead.

I sketched some heart shapes instead.

I have also been adding a bit of extra colour to my Hearts and Flowers and I think it works. I will wait until tomorrow when I will do some more before taking another photo.

Here are some sketches I made in a Cafe in Chester last week. I find it rather embarrassing drawing in public and trying not let the person I'm sketching realize that I'm doing so. The man had very interesting eyes and eyebrows and also a good mouth to sketch. I found the nose rather a problem!

I found it easy to draw the girl as she was so engrossed in her book.


Zaz said...

ooohh good for you Maragaret - sketching in a cafe - they're really good too - you captured his eyebrows and eyes well. I know its not easy to sketch in secret !

Its interesting sketching people - something I have shied away from before - but I am really enjoyng it now!

The hearts are great ..........what about quick collages with coloured magazine paper`??


MargaretR said...

Good idea Zaz. A collage it shall be. I think I can use both sketches too.