Sunday, January 22, 2006

St Dwynwen

Every day this week I hope to create some piece of work involving hearts.

I went to photograph the dilaptited pier in Colwyn Bay. Hopefully it will be repaired and returned to it's former glory soon by the new owner.

Ready, steady, Gooooo!

A lone sunbather on Rhos beach this morning.


Zaz said...

Fabulous photos Maragaret . what a rich area you live in for inspiration! I love the lone sunbather and the boats - fantastic. And the one of the warehouse and the 'orange stuff' - what a great colour scheme!

Hearts huh? are you doing cards?

Micki said...

Is your heart a digital piece? Lovely photos. You live in a beautiful area.

MargaretR said...

Hi Zaz and Micky. Thanks for visiting.
The image is of the stilts(?) of the pier that goes into the sea and the orange stuff is a fishing net that's got tangled up in it. The sea comes over that part when the tide is in.

Can you see the man's coffee flask beside him? It was so funny.

I might make one card!

Yes Micki it is a digital image, but I might make something stitched from the idea.

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are wonderful and your textile work is inspirational. You almost make me want to move to North Wales your photography is so inviting. My memories of Newport Gwent, although good, are tinged with rain and mist, lots of it! I will be passing a link to my youngest daughter who aspires to be photographer

MargaretR said...

Hi Jacqui. Thanks for visiting. We have our share of rain and mists too believe me(smile). Glad you like my work, I went through a very unproductive patch recently, just back on form!