Sunday, February 12, 2006

African Heat

Here is a piece I stitched called African Heat.

I will really have to start creating in a big way soon. When I have shown you all the stuff in box up in the loft what will I have to put in my blog then?

A dreary day, but another mood of the river this morning, in fact it's been like this here all day.

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a multi dimensional wonderland, with many layers.
You're the type that always has multiple streams of thought going.
And you can keep these thoughts going at any time.
You're very likely to be engaged in deep thought - and deep conversation.

I have been reading so many Blogs today I can't remember where I saw this quiz, but the design I chose really could have been one of my own designs. The character reading is so very like me until the very last phrase, which is not me at all. I'm not a deep thinker, though I wish I could talk about serious subjects sensibly, but I can't. Whatever else you will find on this blog, you won't find any original deep thoughts!

But my mind is so full of ideas about so many things that I find it very difficult to concentrate my mind on one thing and get on with it. I wish I could split myself into many parts and let each one do one of these things.


Helen Cowans said...

Hi, Have you thought of printing these desgins directly onto fabric and embellishing? Helen

MargaretR said...

Hi Helen. Yes, I do quite a lot of that. African heat has some printing combined with felt, machine embroidery and handstitching.

Robin Green Eye said...

Thats lovely Margaret!

Paige said...

I like it-very hot!
that game thingy didn't say what mind pattern you are if you can't pick between 4 different ones. LOL thats me-not indecisive cause I know which ones I did like but want all instead of just one.

belle said...

Paige, I cheated - did 2, becuse I couldn't decide. They both described me very well between them vbg

Margaret - found your blog via 'All stitched Up' - love catching up with what you're up to craftwise, and am enjoying very much your photos from your window. Makes me want to visit, it looks lovely and cool, compared to our hot Aussie summer.