Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Canada,New York and Printing

Church door in New York and used to create a design in PSP9.

We are having a very cold spell here just now and I must admit that my workroom is not all that inviting at this time of the year as I work in the loft(attic) which has been converted for me. We put a window in and a heater, but it still gets very cold there in Winter.

I did go up and stayed about an hour and a half. I stitched more into my second heart piece and used my new printer to print an image onto some cotton. I was thrilled to be able to do this.

I have an EPSON Stylus D88, I believe it's still C88 in the USA. I was told the C series have been discontinued in the UK. This printer uses the UltraBright Ultra Inks, the inks with the Teddy. They are supposed to be colourfast for a very long time. It turned out slightly pale, but I read somewhere that even though I'm using this ink and therefore don't need to make the print lightfast, washing with Bubblejet solution will help to give more vivid colours as will choosing Best Photo quality.

I have mentioned the choir's trip to Canada before.
It was a wonderful opportunity for me, but while other people in the group were taking photos of views, important sites and members of the group, I was busy snapping unusual textures, buildings from strange angles, ceilings, doors, tree trunks and so on. You know the sort of things that interest us? I had some strange looks from some of the others.


Mamarox said...

To get brighter colors from the epson you should also try increasing the saturation. After you select your printer, click on properties, select best photo and then , click on Advanced down in the lower right corner. A litle box will come up warning you that you might bugger it, click continue anyway. Now you will see another control panel, look on the right and half way down is a series of toggles, play with these and see what you like. I just increase the saturation to between 11 and 15. The idea is to lay down as much color on the fabric as you can. Have fun!

Mamarox said...

Oops, I apologize for my foul language. Hope I haven't upset anyone. It's getting late here and my brain is tired. Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.

Anonymous said...

We had an espon stylus series c - an 80 I think, wonderful colours, fairly quiet, however we didn't use it for a few weeks and it gave up printing colours. Turns out, if you are using it, it must be turned off or the ink dries up in the print head and no amount of cleaning will unclogg it. We now have a HP photosmart, it prints good colours, is a tad noisy and more to the point allows for unthinking kids who leave the printer on all the time.

Liz said...

I love what you've done with that door photo.

MargaretR said...

Your comment did not help cheer me up Jacqui(smile)
I'm already a bit disappointed in my D88 as I have hardly used it at all and my cyan ink has nearly finished and the rest are low.

helen suzanne said...

I get funny looks too Margaret... screeching to a halt on some roadway to leap out and take a picture of moorland has most people baffled for sure :)) I'm told they only see boring brown waste land^^ poor souls.