Friday, February 10, 2006

A Challenge

I accepted a challenge from my friend Sally of grumpy shopkeeper. Sally is a talented artist and is a special Art Teacher for Scottish schools. Lucky children.
She had taken a photo of the plastic bottles she was going to use in one of her school projects.

Personally, I still prefer the original. Who would think a pile of bottles could be so beautiful?

I love challenges and I have said I'm going to make a bag with a CQ heart on it and I'm also going to take a photo each month and create something artistic with it. This month it's something Red. I have forgotten where I picked these challenges from at the moment.

This poinsettia is still going strong since before Christmas, strange, as the one I bought at the same time only has a few leaves left.

I could not find anything else as interesting in red, so this is my challenge photo.


Jo in NZ said...

Cq heart on a bag was Dana, via me Margaret. I'll look forwrd to it!Danas done hers. Shes in my sidebar if you want to look.
I show 50 posts on my first page. I figure new visitors are far more likely to scroll down one page than click back thru all the archives. I haven't noticed that it takes that long to load, not for me anyway.
Yours didn't take any longer.

Grumpy said...

Brilliant Margaret! If you had told us this was a ruby you were about to have set I would have believed you. That's some recycling trick!

Liz said...

I agree about the bottles - that's a gorgeous photo. Could you try and do one with all of them, not changing the colour but playing with the shapes a bit? (Just rambling on here... you know better what PSP will do than I do!)

Zaz said...

I too love the bottle picture, and the enhancement ! It will be interesting if you do produce a bag - must see that!

Poinsettia is fantastic colour -.....who set the colour challenges for you?

lovey idea!