Friday, February 03, 2006

My exercise routine

You may wonder why I am using this image on my blog today. This is really the only form of exercise I have had for the last three days. Tapping my fingers on the keyboard and going up to my loft to play with my machines. This is a great change for me to have every day to play whereas usually I'm out and about a lot. It's been bliss.

Some housework has been done, just a lick and a promise just in case I have visitors. My visitors usually call when the place is a tip, I then give it a thorough clean and a bit of polish to wait for the next visit. By the time the next batch of visitors arrive the place is messy again. I can't win!

At 9 o'clock this morning I was chatting to 3 friends who live in Australia and it felt as if we were together in the same room talking about stitching, printing and some of our work in progress. I have met one of these ladies through a list on the internet and in the year 2000 when I visited Sydney we were welcomed by Toni and her husband Les. We visited their home and they took us to see local sights. During this time we found we had so many things in common and we became firm friends.

This is the appeal of the internet for me. I can meet like minded people from all over the world and get to know them. I love checking my Statcounter to find out which country my visitors come from. I find this very exiting.


abeautifulcraft said...

Hello Margaret, thanks for visiting my blog! I come over to yours for a visit and stayed for so long .......reading, admiring. I will be back to keep up with the news ..... hugs Sandie in Oz

abeautifulcraft said...

It's me again! LOL I answered your post in regards to fabric printing on my blog, in comments section. Have a wonderful day!

Debra said...

Wow, Margaret, these are wonderful images! Did you design them? Are they digital drawings or quilts or both?

MargaretR said...

They are digital images Debra. That's my problem, I can see them as stitched pieces, but I'm so busy having fun creating the images, I don't get around to stitching them very often.
Thanks for dropping by.
It is lovely to have comments(s)

helen suzanne said...

Ahh, the affliction of the Creative's. After the unexpected ones have gone I put the place to how it should have been before they arrived and won't stop til it's done! I'm trying to train myself to at least do the floors regularly so I can say "hey! messy artist at work" with out feeling like a shameful hussy :)

Webfrau said...

Beautiful images. The top one is just begging to become a quilt.