Sunday, February 26, 2006

Red Challenge

For the photo challenge I chose to photograph my poinsettia and I have now used PSP9 to change the image. When I play with my images it is always with textiles and stitching in mind.

I used kaleidoscope and then cropped a part of it I thought I could use.

It was then Distorted using Wave.
Then it was finally enameled. All these can be found in the Effects menu.

I accepted this challenge mid February, but unfortunately I have lost the details of the challenge. If anyone else happens to visit and is taking part in the same challenge can you please contact me about it?

I am slowly sorting myself out at the moment. I have so many wonderful blogs to read and so many things I want to do, my computer has become very untidy. I am now in the process of tidying up my Bloglines into groups using the new Folder facility in Edit. That should help a bit. The images are also being sorted out and saved in my new hard drive. Eventually, I hope this is going to save loads of time and give me more time to create.


Lesley said...

What a fantastic blog you have! Very inspirational. Very happy to find you!

MargaretR said...

Oh thanks Lesley. glad to have found you too(smile)

wendy said...

Hi Margaret, your photos are great,i think the link you are looking for is simple still life wendy

MargaretR said...

You were absolutely right Wendy. You have saved my life(s)