Friday, February 24, 2006

Skeleton leaves and rust

I found one skeletonised holly leaf and used it to create a design by changing the size of the leaf and rotating and reversing it a few times. I used it for my Christmas card a couple of years ago.

This photo was taken years ago, but I know a few of my friends enjoy a bit of rust as much as I do, so I thought they would appreciate this anchor.

Did I mention I bought a new 80 GB External Hard Drive yesterday? I can't believe how useful it is and what a time saver it is going to be. I have over 15 GB of images saved on it already and I have loads more CD's to copy. They are so easy to access and can even be seen as a slideshow because I downloaded My Pictures Windows XP so it works exactly the same as my laptop Hard Drive.


Zaz said...

love that rust Margaret! have you used that picture for anythign? It looks full of potential to me!

the skeleton leaf design is great - smart- to use it for a christmas card design!


winterchild said...

Love your blog Mags...these are awesome :)
x Bobs
aka Titania Queen of the Fairies ;-P