Sunday, February 05, 2006

A wasted day

I put my photo up on Frapper a couple of days ago and a few have commented I looked happy in it. Here is the full photo. It was my birthday party at a local restaurant this time last year with my family. They were all too busy eating, so I was the only one who noticed my 15 year old granddaughter Amy taking the photo.

I feel I have wasted a whole day today. I was looking for photos I took in Barcelona 2 or 3 years ago. I love those photos and take them with me for inspiration if I'm going to a class. Now, have I been careless and left them somewhere or will they turn up in my rather untidy workroom. I seem to tidy up one day and the following day it's messy again. I have searched and searched for a photo of the Segrada Familia, the still unfinished church designed by Gaudi. The trees I put up here Digital Gran: Crazy Quilting remind me of the pillars of the church and I was going to put up a photo to compare them, but I still haven't found them. I will spend tomorrow again tidying up my loft(workroom)

I have done some work on my block, but not enough to show the progress yet. Instead here is a page I stitched for a book Round Robin, this book was titled Metamorphose and I was fairly pleased with my page.


Gill said...

Hope you find your photos soon, Margaret. Isn't it a godsend to have digital ones now, all on a disk (until you lose the disk, of course;-)

I very much like your embroidery - you make the most beautiful compositions with pattern.

MargaretR said...

Now you were the one quick off the mark Gill, it's only just gone up.
I'm glad you like my pattern.

I have three CD's that my computers can't read any more. It shows up as if it's empty. I think I will have to take them somewhere to see if they can be read. I need some of the work. Do you have any idea how I could retrieve them myself?

helen suzanne said...

Yay! good to see my Cyber Mam :)))

Robin Green Eye said...

I like that one, I prefer darker stuff, and I love blue.

Paige said...

How can a grand mother not see & smile for a grand daughter. You do look very happy. I sure hope you find the pictures, it is very sad to lose any. I had a scare lately too, most of the Ireland pics went missing. But they were found in the fire (proof) box in the safe. Man what a relief to find them & I hope you get the same relief when you find yours.

MargaretR said...

Thanks to you both for dropping in.

I'm trying to forget about the pics and get on with things. They will probably turn up one day as your did Paige.