Monday, March 06, 2006


Pisces Horoscope for week of March 2, 2006

Of all the arguments made in favor of getting regular exercise, I rarely hear the one that's most important to me: Do it because it strengthens and tones the power of your will. When you get used to rousing yourself out of your physical inertia, the habit carries over into the mental and spiritual sphere. You find it easier to force yourself out of your comfort zones and push toward the next frontier. You're less likely to procrastinate and accept mediocrity, and you actually enjoy challenging yourself with worthy goals that require strenuous effort. It's now the will-building season for you, Pisces. You know what to do.

I just read my Horoscope now in Free Will Astrology and I have never read a truer word. Let's hope it's true this week and that I will just snap out of my 'inertia' and stop procrastinating and get down to some proper creative stitching.

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