Saturday, March 25, 2006

Knitting Socks

I had just finished turning the heel of my first sock which turned out really well, but as I looked at the cuff I could see how uneven it was and decided to unpick it all and start again. It had been my first bit of handknitting on such fine needles in a very long time, but by now I'm used to the fine knitting and it looks a lot more even. I think it would probably look even better if the wool was not unpicked and crinkly.
I have also decided to make a cord for my dusky pink jacket. I'm sure I will be much happier with it if it rests neatly on my waist. It looks very loose at the moment and would look much better a size smaller.



Paige said...

Pretty & warm looking. Wear them in good health.

Gill said...

Oooh Mags, fancy socks! What pattern are you using?

Zaz said...

love the socks Mags - didnt know you were a knitter too! How do you fit it all in ???

the jacket is lovely - do we get to see a pcture of the model wearing it>?


Kari said...

As a fellow sock-knitting addict, I am drooling. Ooooooh, just wait till I have time to get my needles out!

Kari x