Friday, March 17, 2006


Today I bought some sock wool, pattern and needles at STASH in Chester. A bit late in the year perhaps, but I have been reading how so many of you have been knitting socks and I felt I had to have a go. I last knitted socks using 4 needles when I was 16 years old. Later on I used to do all my knitting with a knitting machine, but that is another story.


The pink boucle jacket I knitted was rather large for me, but I took the suggestion of my friend Nadine of knitting with a poodle seriously and washed my new jacket in the washing machine and it's good news. It now fits me. Hurrah. Thanks Nadine. Posted by Picasa


Gill said...

Great solution, Mags. Glad the jacket fits now and hope you enjoy wearing it.

Interesting that you're going to join the sock gang. You do know you'll be hooked, don't you?

wendy said...

welcome to the sock club margaret

MargaretR said...

Thanks to you both for the welcome. I started knitting them last night.

Kari said...

I LOVE sock knitting! I used to MK too, but since learning to spin about 10 years ago, I prefer to handknit in order to enjoy the wool better. Sock knitting is such fun and I adore the magic of turning a heel.

As soon as the degree show is over my needles will definitely be getting an airing!


Liz said...

I AM glad you've found a solution for that jacket - it was too nice to sit there and be unworn and unloved!

Nice wool - be sure to post a pic of the socks when you've done them!

Sara said...

YEAH! Another sock do know it is an addiction! I can't get past knitting socks. Wild about them...may never knit another thing...have fun and the yarn is AWESOME!!

Really glad that gorgeous jacket now fits you...

nadine said...

Oh, Mags, i am so thrilled to hear that your wonderful jacket fits you now! Congratulations on a big job well done.

And, yes, welcome to the sock knitting brigade. You feet will be so thrilled.

nadine said...

OOh ! and i see you have a set of my favourite knitting needles !
AND !!!! ~~ ooh, Mags,
i love Opal sock yarn. i am So thrilled for you ! !