Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Missing images

I was going to post a page of my Barcelona sketchbook and some designs I created with them, but I'm afraid Blogger doesn't want to play ball again this morning. I will try tonight. Barcelona is one of the most inspiring cities I have ever visited, mostly because everywhere you turn there will be something created by Gaudi. Gaudi is one of my favourites in the art world.

I like to take parts of the images and develop my own from them, I have a feeling Gaudi would not have minded me doing this.

I will try again to put up some images when I get home tonight. I'm going to pick up my two grandsons from school and as it's a 50 mile journey and probably a few hold-ups on the country roads I am going early and will stop at Portmadoc on the way. There might be some photo opportunities on the way.

I had one more go at publishing an image, but no go!
The surprising thing about it all is the fact that it all works so well in the first place. Just imagine all of us uploading our images at such a rate, it's a wonder the system works so well.
I wish I could understand how it all works. I just imagine the airwaves all around us if we could see them with the naked eye, full of all sorts of images flying here and there. Then all those voices of people on their mobiles. It's so fascinating and I'm so glad I was born at just the right time to take a small part in all this.

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Valeri said...

And just think that if they could go deep enough into space they could bounce pictures off lightwaves and we could see actual things from previous centuries. Science IS amazing!