Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My latest stitched page

This is the page I was unable to upload last night.
It's a page for my Australian book RR. I chose to use a very colourful beetle for my small creature. It's printed on satin using my Epson D88, which I'm beginning to love using. I then padded the Beetle and free machined around the shapes, auto stitched the borders pulling the fabric this way and that as I was doing it and then digitized three small Beetles and used those on the background. I am using the Artista software with the Bernina 180e machine.

For the back of the image I used transfer dyes and stitched small beetles here and there. It does not show up very well in a photo, but I think I almost preferred it to the page itself.

Textile Art_


Gill said...

Nice work, Mags. Too bad you couldn't upload stuff last night. I wonder what was going on?

Glad you were able to show us the pics today, though. Well worth waiting for!

Paige said...

beetles, great idea. bugs are just cute, that is as long as they don't bite. Your's will not.

Robin Green Eye said...

Margaret, I LOVE the beetle, beetles are so pretty in nature, and you have captured this one beautifully. And the category thing is really easy, just a bit tedious, if you need help with it just drop me a line.