Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Paul Klee

I saw this Painting by Paul Klee on my friend Nadine's blog knitting with a poodle.

I believe this was painted around 1925, but if Klee had painted this today I would have thought he had been inspired by an image created in a graphics program.
So I started playing around with some of my own images and converting them to larger pixels. I know I will never create anything like Klee's work, but I did find it inspiring and I have had fun going further with these.


Helen Cowans said...


Love the way you have interpreted Klees work. The first photo of your own work would translate straight into a quilt - love the way the yellow radiates out from the centre. Helen

MargaretR said...

Thanks Helen. I love the way Klee's work radiates the yellow from the centre too.