Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Shuttle Tatting

This is a very unsuccessful attempt at shuttle tatting!
I was going out for the day, but I was determined to have a go at tatting with the shuttle using my new book by Rebecca Jones before I left. You can see my new blue shuttle and the eight attempts to begin the work.
I managed one ring, but I was supposed to be able to tighten the ring using the shuttle thread, but I had to pull mine tight using the tail end. The rest are all the same, either too tight to pull at all or obviously done wrongly.
Never mind tomorrow is another day and I will try again.


Iris said...

Your attempts with the shuttle look like mine...lol... I went back to my needles. Someday I'll try the shuttle again but for now I get more done with needles.

MargaretR said...

I think that's what I'll do if the next session does not produce better results. I had started to enjoy the needle tatting. My new book does explain that way of tatting too.