Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Snow

The snow came at last and as usual created panic all round. Here is the scene in front of the flat this morning.

(As usual you can see a larger image by clicking on these images)

The traffic was at a standstill.
But it was worth all the hassle. Just see how the castle looked in the snow.

As I was looking out of the window at the house opposite us at the back I noticed the usual row of spectators on the roof. There are six pigeons and a white dove sitting together on the roof. This is a regular team and the white dove is usually right in the middle.

Here is a quick pen and ink sketch I made of them in the Summer. There is a Dove Cote in one of the big houses on the front here with about ten doves in it. I think this one has taken a fancy to one of the ordinary pigeons and prefers their company.


Jo in NZ said...

The picture of the castle is great . Although I was born in England, I have very few memories of such places, and at only eight, lacked the capacity for appreciation. It is difficult for Kiwis to comprehend such history because we are such a young country. One of my favourite books was Sarum- Edward Rutherford- I was raised in Wiltshire and remember the cathedral, and driving past Stonehenge .You are so lucky to have a place like this on your doorstep.

Sara said...

What a beautiful old castle. The walled town is really interesting. We don't have those here - unless you consider gated communities. Such an interesting place to live...and you show it off very nicely.

MargaretR said...

Jo and Sara. Yes I am lucky to live in such a place. I used to walk this way and always said if we saw a flat for sale I would like to live here. We were kucky enought to get one.

Liz said...

Gorgeous photos as always, Mags. I love the row of pigeons! Don't remember if I've actually visited Conwy or walked the walls...