Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tatting success

To all my tatting friends. I think I've cracked it, but no photos to prove this yet.
Five minutes ago I realized where I was going wrong with the shuttle, I was not dropping the fingers of the left hand properly so the stitches could be made with the ring rather than the shuttle thread.
You have never seen such anyone as slow and clumsy doing any kind of stitching, but hopefully this will be remedied with practice.
I will post some photos tonight.


Anonymous said...

For beginners I advocate using two colors of thread to learn tatting. Not an original idea, I assure you. One color is the ball thread and is held over the knuckles of the left hand and wrapped around the pinkie. The other is wrapped on the shuttle. You hold the knot with the left hand thumb and tallest finger. The knots are formed with the color thread that is coming from the ball. You can always tell if you have the knot right by the color of the knot. The shuttle thread is simply the carrier and will be hidden by the knots. Once you get the knot concept, then you progress to rings.
Maybe this will help.
aka yarngoddess

nadine said...

Mags! thanks so much for your comments on my blog. the photo for today (march 8) is actually by Klee, it's a pity that the site/link doesn't show that. it's property of the museum in Basel.
i like klee's work very much.

MargaretR said...

Thanks Diane. I will give that a go as well.

Gill said...

Mags, congratulations on your perseverance! Like me, you are not willing to be beaten!

I am looking forward to seeing the results of your tatting and am delighted you cracked it in the end.

Sue said...

I found tatting very hard to master and have been wondering whether you count macramé among your skills because, if so, I think that can be a hindrance - there are similarities which complicate getting the knack of tatting, namely transferring the knot from one thread to the other... Oh my, that reads confusingly, doesn't it? Anyway, keep on keeping on!

Paige said...

I tried it one time & just couldn't get the hang of it. Of course now {carpel tunnel} can't handle the pain. I am so glad you get it. Can't wait to see a photograph.

MargaretR said...

Hi Paige, I'm struggling to get the hang of it. All I have to photo up to
now are 4 tiny circles all separate.(smile)
Carpal Tunnel is very painful I believe? I had a friend who had it. I
haven't seen her in a long time, but I'm sure she had an op and was much
better. Hope something can be done about it for you.