Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Textile Group meeting

What a wet miserable day it has been, here is a photo of the estuary this morning. We don't normally have many waves as such, but it was rough this morning and we had some waves as you can see.

Here is a taster of some of the things I will be posting on the SerenTex blog later on this evening.

This is work in progress by Gwyneth. She loves doing Goldwork and making banners for her local church. These gold leaves will eventually become part of a banner.

This is a bookcover stitched by Miriam. The photo next to it was her inspiration, but the photo was rather shiny and does not show up well.

These are Joan's beautiful dolls. Joan has been an embroiderer for a long time, but doll making is a new hobby in addition to her usual work.

Textile Group_ Textile Art_


Emma Howard Studio said...

I enjoyed the image of the ocean on your side of the world and the textile images from your group.


Maggie H said...

Fantastic photos,I am not a doll person as such, but the dolls are full of character and fun. thanks for sharing.

Micki said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of some of the groups work. Love seeing what others are doing.

Helen Suzanne said...

it is lovely to see your groups work. They all seem very talented ladies. I'm particularly fond of Miriam's book cover... did she dye her own fabric?

MargaretR said...

Yes, she does it all and is a very clever lady. Her work makes me gasp sometimes it's so beautiful and unusual.

downunderdale said...

I love that ocean pic, Margaret. I think we will have to visit that Welsh coast before too long.

Balwearie said...

What a talented bunch you've got! I enjoyed seeing all of it including the waves in the estuary.

smarcoux said...

HI Margaret
In case some of you ladies are interested. I got this site from the lady in lavenham crooked house gallery and thought you might be interested
shesh should get a commission on all this LOL

Zaz said...

Oh - these are lovely Mags! Great book cover and dolls ! Is this a textile group you belong too?