Monday, March 27, 2006

Uploading problems

I'm afraid I have been unable to upload any images tonight, but I have had a good a day. I was pleased to open my mail to find a comment from Robin James the owner of the ship HMS Pickle that I have mentioned here more than once, thanking me on behalf of himself and the crew for the welcome to Conwy through my blog. He said "the crew and myself as owner love hearing that people are enjoying the spectacle she provides."
I thought that was a very unusual gesture from a businessman these days. Should you ever read this Robin. Thank you.
I also finished another page for my Australian Book Round Robin. This page was based on All creatures small, the book owner wanted to concentrate on the small creatures of Australia.
Tomorrow I have a meeting of SerenTex, my textile group and I hope they will have brought some work for me to photograph for the blog.

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