Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Walled Town of Conwy

(Please click on the images to see a larger version)

Here is tonight's sunset.
The old town walls of Conwy show up well against the snow. I believe that Conwy is the most complete walled town in Britain and coachloads of tourists walk the walls regularly.

I am always trying to capture a bird in flight and must have taken dozens and most of them not worth looking at, but if we zoom in to this photo of the walled town there is a perfect photo of a seagull in flight. I would have been very pleased if it was slightly nearer, but as it is I'm pleased with it.

I have just finished setting up my new computer and I'm absolutely delighted with it.
But I was surprised at how different my images look on it. The laptop which I have been using to create my blog is about two years old, but the images look very different from those on the new PC. The colours are not as bright and I was so disappointed in the harsh colours in some images on the new one, especially my Red Dragon and daffodils yesterday. I have now toned down these colours and re-published that image. In future I will check the colours before publishing.


nadine said...

Mags my dear, you must be having a Marvellous birthday week ! here's to You !

MargaretR said...

Thanks Nadine. I'm relaxing(smile)