Monday, March 13, 2006

Work in progress

Tomorrow I have a meeting of my textile group, SerenTex and I have a project to prepare for. The topic is to be Memories using 3 colours, black, white and a touch of orange. I have been thinking about this for weeks and it always takes me much longer thinking about a design than it takes to stitch it.

Once more I am going to use Cannes as inspiration and the Wrought Iron gate that I have used before more than once, see Wrought Iron spirals and Spirals again

I have been playing with so many designs in the computer using the spiral wrought iron, I haven't yet decided which one to use, I may not use any of them, just the inspiration I derive from them.


Gill said...

ooh Mags, I like those starting points. The pics remind me of the distorted view through patterned glass - something I've often felt tempted to use as inspiration.
Colours are great too.
I'm looking forward to seeing what results here!

Helen Cowans said...

Margaret - this is going to look good - great designs to start from. I like the colours too. Unusual but they do grab me. Helen