Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another stitched page

I am very pleased with myself as I have finished another page for my Australian RR books. The topic was 'A Little on the Wild Side'. This is exactly what I felt like as I was creating this piece. I'm normally quite tense when I'm doing something I want to turn out well, but I decided to be wild stitching this one.

I tried many things on the black felt, some Tyvek I had painted, stitched and burnt, this was very colourful, chose some material to put between this and the felt. I decided to free machine a colourful piece of cotton with black thread to blend it in to the felt. I liked it, so decided not to use the tyvek this time.

I had already had lots of fun digitizing with my Artista software using the block Digitizing tool. This was a very 'wild' design. I stitched it with my and liked the first thread I used so carried on using it, instead of changing the many bright colours I had originally chosen.

I did not take long to make this and I think it is one of my favourites.

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downunderdale said...

embarrassed to report that I haven't done my wild side yet - did you pop this up to otivate me, Margaret? I am on Loopy Lace...

Kari said...

oh, This is BEAUTIFUL! I totally adore it - you are so talented. You have such a perfect eye and the ability to transfer your designs into wonderful pieces of art.

I am awestruck!

Kari x

Carol said...

Well done on finishing Margaret, you did get some stitching done after all.
I usually like the work that I don't think about too much better
than planned and sampled stuff, I think I lose interest as I feel I have already made it :)