Monday, April 10, 2006

Dyeing with Ruth Issett

There was a lot of preparation to do before going on my course with Ruth Issett, we had to prepare about 36 plastic bags of natural fibers and threads. When I received these instructions I knew that we were not going to waste any time in this class.
Friday evening we spent painting fabrics with dye to see how the dye reacted on the fibers. Then on Saturday morning we dyed 9 bags of wet fiber with some natural threads in each one using one colour of dye, we added 25mls of Chemical Water ( water with urea) We added the same amount of a solution of Soda Ash, which was left again for about 10 minutes, then washed still inside the plastic bags until the water ran clear, then scoured with a tiny bit of Synthrapol then rinsed again.

Saturday evening, we dyed families of colours.
4 families of 3, using 2 colours.
Using 25ml measures, starting with the palest colour and adding one other colour to make up 25mls each time, so gradually changing the colour. At home you could have more in the family, but we only had 3 bags of each.

Do this 4 times using 2 different colours each time. I chose turquoise as one of the colours for each bag, so they would co-ordinate.
1. Turq + Golden Yellow
2. Turq + Marine Violet
3. Turq + Rosebrown (lovely colour)
4. Turq + Scarlet

I was very pleased with them all except the last, which was very strange. The colours were so different. As you know, all the fibers take the colours differently. It seems I had some synthetic in some of the fabrics, so what happened was that the silks and pure natural pieces were greedy and absorbed all the scarlet, some the turquoise and a little scarlet, they looked mauve and the last were almost blue. They were still ok, but I did not like them as much. These were finished in the same way as the last lot.

It was hard work, but nice and clean. These fabrics were left to dry naturally. Posted by Picasa


Maggie H said...

Thank You for sharing your weekend with us. I feel really inspired to have a go at dyeing again. Your sketchbook is an absolute treasure. Well done.

Maggie H

Dorothy said...

Thanks for showing us your weekend efforts. It has renewed my determination to find Ruth's classes. Just rang AVG but her Masterclass series is full! Wah!

Carol Dean said...

Oh what a wonderful, instructive weekend this sounds like. And with all those colors and textures it must have been rather joyous as well. Thank you for sharing.

MargaretR said...

It was a really wonderful weekend Carol. Thanks for dropping by.