Sunday, April 09, 2006

Embroiderers Guild Weekend

Every year the Embroiderers' Guild North Wales Branch has Embroidery Workshops.
The courses this time were Textures in Goldwork with Tracy Franklin, Creating Salvage with Diane Bates and Layers of Colour with Ruth Issett, taking place at Plas Tan y Bwlch.

I chose Layers of Colour with Ruth Issett as I had been on Diane's course last year.
I look forward to my visits to The Plas, for the company, the courses, the views and the food!

Here are some photos I took in between hailstorms this year.
The first image is one that intrigues me each visit. When the gentry lived there, one of them must have caught a 38lb salmon in the river and had it recorded on the slate slabs in the courtyard. Can you imagine this salmon laid on the slate with someone drawing around it? (It is worth clicking on this for the larger image)

This large manor house was built by the slate quarry owners of the district, who had plenty of money whilst the poor quarrymen lived on a pittance. So the next image is slates used to stop the weeds growing in some borders. Aren't these colours wonderful?

The last image could be better, but the reflections in the pond were too good to miss.

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