Sunday, April 02, 2006

A stormy day

I took this photo of the rainbow early this morning but later it turned quite stormy.

We rarely have waves like this.

I must go and take a closer look at this 'monster' that was washed down the river.

Photography_ The Estuary_


Maggie H said...

So, what was the monster? I am quite intriqued. Wonderful rainbow.

Zaz said...

I agree - great rainbow - but what was the monster???? bet that got dragged home :0)

loved the spring photos , Mags, but Blogger wouldnt let me tell you !


downunderdale said...

it's a sort of Wuthering Heights scene, Margaret - with monsters as well?

Kari said...

Lovely rainbow - I find it so difficult to capture them effectively on camera for some reason, but you did a great job. I love it when the sea gets all stormy, that is when the best things get washed up on shore. Even if they are monsters, LOL!
Kari x