Tuesday, April 11, 2006

UK weather


Is it any wonder that we discuss the weather all the time here?
These are photos taken today and yesterday. Blue skies and the most amazing blue sea. Then today it is so wet, dull and grey. Posted by Picasa


MargaretR said...

Sorry the photos are wonky, but I could not get Blogger to work and tried Picassa, but I don't know how I could get the images to go to the correct position in the collage pile.

Zaz said...

amazing difference Mags! its like the weather here! One day snow next day - summer!


Shirley Goodwin said...

It's rather like that here in the South Island -the weather is a lot more "in your face" with more extremes than in the North Island (where most people live). You can have a beautiful day with a nor'wester and 25 degrees Celsius or more, followed by the inevitable southerly and 14 degrees the next day. Toughens you up!

Shirley in New Zealand