Thursday, May 18, 2006

Art Nouveau Digital Art

If you have visited my blog recently you might have seen some photos I took of a local Art Nouveau building with some spectacular wrought iron work. I have been having fun drawing parts of this work in Corel Draw and then using it to create some fun Digital Art. I hope you like them.


Gillian said...

It's amazing how 'embroidered' those images look. A real masterclass there. Stunning work, as always.
I used to use Corel photopaint years ago but could never really get on with Corel Draw. I use Serif Drawplus for vector drawing but I now fancy Xara Xtreme.


Dorothy said...

Gorgeous Margaret. I like Corel too but I am now using Xara Extreme more and more. I do tend to flit between programmes though so that I can use the best bits of each.
I am lookig ofrward to seeing these stitched in due course!

Micki said...

Wow! If I had socks on, you would be knocking them off. Great images!

Jenny Walton said...

Lovely stuff M.