Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Photos

Here are some of the leaves I used. I love them but have no idea what they are, they seem to grow here and there in Tenerife.

Here is a bit of rust for all of us who are rust lovers and before anyone asks, no, I didn't go there in the middle of the night with my white fabric, salt and vinegar.

This lovely statue of a woman with a basket of fish stands in the middle of the promenade in Los Christianos. I took photos from any angles and also made sketches which were not particularly good, I will take a photo of one of the sketches soon. There is a lovely little cafe called Lakeland just up the steps from this statue where you can have a lovely cup of tea and English food if you are homesick. Personally I like to try something a little different when I'm away, but my husband likes plain home made food.


feltedfibers said...

RUST...RUST - who said Rust? I coulden't of resisted the oportunity of getting out fabric, vinegar and salt :-)

Liz said...

You pre-empted me with that rust, Mags!