Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My textile printing (Epson Stylus D88)

Now I am still experimenting with this printing, but so many of you are 'dyeing' to know how they were done, I shall tell you what I've done up to now.

When I first had my Epson Stylus D88(C88) I printed out 1/2 a dozen or more images on pure cotton, some washed in Bubble Jet solution, the others in Comfort a fabric conditioner. I had read somewhere that the colours would be brighter doing this. Durabright Ultra inks which are used in the D88 are bright and are supposed to be water proof and fade proof. I must admit that I found no difference after doing this.

I did however find that my first prints were rather dull, this was overcome however by adjusting the brightness of the images first.

Now some of my experiments have involved these dull unsuccessful samples as I hate to waste inks! I replaced these on cheap printing paper using mounting spray at top and bottom. I then used black and very dark colours using my sketches, originally black and white, but adjusted in PSP. I then just overprinted these.

I also used synthetic fabrics that I had transfer printed first Digital Gran: Printed textile experiment. Doing it this way I expect to save a lot on inks, as these inks are not cheap and it is not possible to use the cheaper replacements without losing the wonderful properties of these new inks, which use pigments. I should be able to use any fabric that is already dyed to print on cheaply.

I have noticed that my inks seem to go very quickly these days, but it could be the fabric absorbs more ink.


Carol said...

Thanks Mags, I think I have to persuade DH we need a new printer.
Yet one more distraction.
we had the moody sky here as well

Gillian said...

You've been having fun. You're braver than me though because we've just invested in a new photo printer and I wouldn't dare put anything unusual through it!

Micki said...

Thanks, Margaret for the information. Love learning how others work. I think I need to consider a new printer. LOL!

arashi said...

Thanks, Margaret. I have discovered the sme tghing about the brightness and clarity fof the digital image makes a better print. I am getting a wi=der format Epson, a 1280 Silver which prints up to 13 x 44.and I will be using prepared rolls of premounted fabric that I'll stem after printing I'll let you know and sed=nd you a smple once I get it. In the mantime, keep up this wonderful work.

feltedfibers said...

Love the way you have fun playing on the computer. Textile Printing is something I havent yet got to grips with - oh for more hours in the day!!!