Monday, May 08, 2006

The old apple tree - More Memories

I have a meeting of my textile group tomorrow and I still have not finished my memories in Orange, black and white. I had so many ideas that I found it so difficult to choose the best one to make.
Finally I have decided to make this 10"x10" textile piece of art about the old apple tree, a tree loved by the whole family. It has a very special meaning for us all.

The last memories were about my mother and her side of the family, this one is about my father and his side of the family.

I called my grandmother 'Nain Victoria' because she lived in a street of houses called Victoria Terrace, built to house the local quarrymen. There was an apple tree in the garden right in front of the kitchen window. It never bore fruit and it darkened the kitchen. Each year Nain begged Taid to cut it down, but he always said, "Leave it one more year, Sarah" Nain said it was a quotation from the book of Job, but I can't find it anywhere. He was always hoping to find apples on the tree but never did. The Summer Taid died, the apple tree had loads of apples for the first time ever and needless to say, the tree stayed. Nain was a great story teller and this was one of her favourites.
For some reason we all had our photos taken under the apple tree and I'm going to use some of these for my textile piece.
At the top are the apples I designed with Corel Draw. I'm not sure how I will arrange these yet, but I do have some ideas.


Pat said...

I hope you've got all these stories written down somewhere for your grandchildren to enjoy. I love hearing them.

Helen Suzanne said...

snap ;) I came in to comment exactly the same. I love your story telling.

feltedfibers said...

Mags, you should write a book.

MargaretR said...

I would like to get some of these stories on paper in some form. Thanks to you all for the comments.