Sunday, May 14, 2006

Spring Digital Art

Tonight I have two Digital Art images inspired by Spring colours.
I was asked by Vernon Sims owner of that lovely blog Barococo if I just used photography as a base for my Digital images and here is my answer to him "I do use a lot of photography, but I also use my own sketches and doodles quite often. I also use things I have drawn digitally in Corel Draw very often and scans of dimensional objects. I place them on the scanner, cover with a piece of black felt and then use the scan for digital work."
These images were done from scratch using both Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro.


Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

Nice digital art, in fact, a perfect example. I've been attempting to distinguish digital art from digital art photography. Your work really shows that digital art uses little if any photography.

Paige said...

I thought of you yesterday as I took a photo of some iron work on a building. Hope you had a nice weekend