Sunday, May 07, 2006

Spring morning

It's a lovely Spring Sunday morning here in North Wales. I don't know where the promised rain went to, but as promised I did go and do some work just the same. I tried to transfer a small practice piece of a photocopy using emulsion paint. I could tell immediately it was not going to work very well for me, probably not enough emulsion. I found peeling the paper off whilst dry worked much better than wetting it first. I will have another go soon, maybe this afternoon.
I'm going to cut up the A3 piece I had copied and I will experiment with various methods I have been reading about.
If it doesn't work I might be better off printing out, or using transfer paper as I have always done.
I am off now for a walk to Rhos on Sea and I might have more photo opportunities there than in Tenerife this time round.


judypatooote said...

I wish I lived by some of you creative people....None of my friends that live around me are into anything creative..... Although my daughter and son are going to pottery classes.....they love it....hopefully they can continue on after the classes....

Grumpy said...

You live by us in cyberspace Judy.
Margaretfor example is my digital mum. You can't chose your real family so good job you can choose your friends!

Sara said...

You have been busy since returning from vacation. As always your photos do inspire me...glad you had a relaxing holiday. We just returned from our holiday on Saturday night.