Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Strange weather

We do sometimes have strange weather and yesterday was one of those days. I had been to my SerenTex textile group meeting and as I was getting near home, I could see a strange swirling mist. There was a slight wind and the mist looked very mysterious. I must have taken about 60 photos as I stood at the window for hours, but some of them are not so good as I was becoming very excited with the changing view and wanted a good one of the castle in this swirling mist.

This is my favourite. Normally you would see the marina and mountains here.

This was how the evening ended with a glorious sunset. I will not bore you with all 60 images, but maybe I will show you the odd one now and then.


Frances said...

yesterday (Wed) the Har (local word for a very cool sea mist on very warm days) 'hovered' along the coastline for much of the day and into the evening, it kept coming inland then receeding back to the coast line, luck for me the closest it got was across the road except for one time when it surrounded me as it was on the hills, I found this odd as cool air usually sinks so I would have thought it to be the reverse,

Grumpy said...

Hi Margaret

So sorry to read you'v not been keeping well. Pain in your head/face is the morst horrile thing. Do admire the way to try to carry on regardless. Hope you're back in full working order now.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Isn't it great living by the sea? There are so many weather moods there.

Shirley in New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret in OLD North Wales

These pics are so atmospheric.Did you look at the views from my studio on DBDU? We also get mists so will try to capture the next one. Really like the 2 seagulls. Delightful
Toni... NSW

arashi said...

These photgos are so beautgiful yet austere and miminimalistfg;. I l;ove gthe sea, but tghe tgropiscal coast of the Gulf of Mexico which is severfal hujndrfed milesaway is notg quite the swame as tghe oastg of Wales or New Zelandl. Grfeatg work.