Thursday, May 25, 2006

A textile page

This is a page of Textile Art that I stitched for my Australian RR. This was at the time of the Tsunami and as the topic was Recycle and Regenerate, I decided to base it on all the coffee mornings and jumble sales held all over the world to make money to help the victims of this terrible disaster.

Here is a purple page, digitized, but not yet stitched.

I went to Chester today and found some bargains in Acrylic paints, not that I don't have enough already, just that these were too good to miss, but I did resist buying any more books! I also got some thick, scrunched up, gold hand made paper which I'm sure I will find some use for. I also bought two A2 sized canvases which I need for a project I have started.

After a meal I went up to my loft and did some work in my journal, then some stitching and then cut out some ATC'c that I had nearly finished. I didn't quite finish them, but I will do that tomorrow hopefully. Now why would I do this? I wish I could do this more often, but maybe this is the beginning of a new positive phase. Yes, I think it is. Now I have managed to convince myself.

I am full of ideas, perhaps far too many of them, but I have found it difficult to get going again after my holiday. How do you get over this sort of thing?


Shirley Goodwin said...

No easy answer to that one, Margaret. I have to wait for a creative mood to strike. It can help looking through inspirational books and magazines, though.

Shirley in New Zealand

Gillian said...

Your work is so full of texture. Look no further than these blogs to kick-start your inspiration. Yours certainly inspires me. xxx

Helen Suzanne said...

ach... i found the only way is just to get on with it, something physically creativ. sometimes i just randomly stitch anything for me to get out of my thoughts and into action... usually i get gripped with something after i start... then i'm away :)

jenclair said...

I really like the texture in the top piece and the topic and purpose to the piece, as well.

For various reasons, I've not been much in the creating mode lately, and the getting back is sometimes difficult. Like you, the ideas are there, but the getting started is a problem.

Both Shirley and Helen Suzanne have offered good advice, maybe I'll actually get to work soon myself. :)

Micki said...

I, too, take it in spurts. I really have to be "in the mood" in order to work. I love both of these.

Jenny Walton said...

Wish I could get kkick started like you have. Let's hope it is catching!

jafabrit said...

I can see why you liked that painting in the chamberpot photo :)
It's funny when you look at my work it would never suggest I have such a love for bright textural work, farbric arts but I do. I am enjoying exploring your blog.

arashi said...

This is beautiful Margaret. Your work is so ricdh and ful of texture. The best thing to do is to just start. Waiting for inspiration is usefull. Artist Jaspar Johsn said it so well, FIrst, yuou do somethintg. Then you do something to that and so on: I wished I had as muh confience as you appear tohave

Lesley said...

This often happens to me, not just after a holiday away but also after Christmas or after an event I've worked really hard for.

I find that when I go away I get so completely inspired to try new things but when I get home I feel a bit lost without the visual stimulus that I had found and it doesn't quite work out. Which leads to me feeling discouraged.

If you find a solution please let me know!

ps. It's strange to think that I may have passed you in Chester without realising!