Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tonight's sunset

This was tonight's sunset. Can you imagine our view of the sunset before they started buiding the new marina? How they got away with building that huge hotel right on the edge of the quay is beyond me. The buildings were supposed to be no more than two storeys.
Yesterday's weather was very unusual and I took dozens of photos, but poor Blogger must be under heavy pressure from us all and is having problems. It's surprising everything works so well. Posted by Picasa


Frances said...

fabulous sunset Margaret,
I know what you mean about the hotel, will it give local people work and bring in more tourist to give custom to local business,

Lewis is flat and most buildings are single or one and half story high and the local council has ok'ed the largest wind turbines in Europe, some say the world, to be built, they are approximately 27 times higher than our houses!!!!

Gill said...

I was haivng probs too, Mags - resorted to html in the end and got them in that way.